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On the last night of the Chef Rede’s Wine and Cheese pairing class at NW Wine Academy, students had to take a written final and present, if they had not done so already. With over twenty cheese and wine presentations that night it was hard to stand out but Dedie Davis’ Gorgonzola Cheese Fondue still [...]

The Northwest Wine Academy will be offering Advanced Food and Wine Pairing with Chef Lenny Rede this summer. Advanced Food and Wine pairing transcends the classic pairing rules and encourages students to de-construct their food and wine pairings. Instead of learning to serve Wine A with sauce B, students will work with five proteins, five sauces and five [...]

The NW Wine Academy is pleased to offer a Wine and Cheese pairing class with Chef Instructor Leonard Redé. “This lecture/laboratory class series introduces the philosophies and techniques involved in bringing cheese and wine together in a cohesive pairing. We will look at what makes some cheeses wine friendly and some wines are cheese friendly. [...]

In the world of wine, there are a number of classic food pairings: salmon and Pinot Noir, lamb and Merlot and of course wine and cheese. Wine and cheese are such a classic pairing that many people assume that any good wine will go with any good cheese.  We tend to be rule breakers around [...]