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Copper Leaf Smoked Salmon

The 3rd Annual Seattle Food and Wine Experience offers a “world wide tasting education” on February 27, 2011 from 1-5pm at the Seattle Exhibition Center. The Seattle Food and Wine Experience strives to offer an afternoon of taste sensations that educate and tantalize.  Representing the unique culinary desires of Seattle that celebrates the local and [...]

Wine and cheese are a classic pairing, but Seattle and cheese aren’t as well known of a couple. That is changing with the arrival of the American Cheese Society’s Cheese-a-topia. When the American Cheese Society first announced that this year’s festival would be in Seattle, more than a couple of people were trying to figure [...]

The Northwest Wine Academy will be offering Advanced Food and Wine Pairing with Chef Lenny Rede this summer. Advanced Food and Wine pairing transcends the classic pairing rules and encourages students to de-construct their food and wine pairings. Instead of learning to serve Wine A with sauce B, students will work with five proteins, five sauces and five [...]

The NW Wine Academy is pleased to offer a Wine and Cheese pairing class with Chef Instructor Leonard Redé. “This lecture/laboratory class series introduces the philosophies and techniques involved in bringing cheese and wine together in a cohesive pairing. We will look at what makes some cheeses wine friendly and some wines are cheese friendly. [...]

You are invited to celebrate the food and wine experience with us. We are launching a food and wine network that will allow us to share our passion with others online and in person.  Please join our celebration, and grand experiment, with the fascinating alchemy of food and wine pairing on February 27, 2010 at [...]

I wanted to officially launch this site on the beginning of the New Year, BUT BuddyPress is releasing a new theme at the end of January. It just doesn’t make sense to invest all the time into designing a theme when a new framework is coming down the pike. I am hoping to a beta [...]

This will be the new home for food and wine lovers. Please be patient, like a good stew, this web site needs to cook a bit longer while we add a spice or two!