The NW Wine Academy is pleased to offer a Wine and Cheese pairing class with Chef Instructor Leonard Redé.

“This lecture/laboratory class series introduces the philosophies and techniques involved in bringing cheese and wine together in a cohesive pairing. We will look at what makes some cheeses wine friendly and some wines are cheese friendly. The class will focus on the eight styles of cheese from fresh cheeses to bloomy rinds and blue; the challenges of pairing each style. The course will cover cheese production, storage and selection while exploring the relationship between the  Fromage Gérante and the Sommelier.  Participants will learn how to present a cheese plate or board.”

Wine and cheese tasting @ Strewn Winery

This wine and cheese pairing course is a 10 week credited course, offered as part of the Food and Wine Pairing certificate available at the NW Wine Academy.

WIN 156 Food and Wine Pairing: Cheese begins on April 6, 2010 on Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm.
Important Note: When registering online, you will see that course description talks about Fortified wines. Don’t worry as long as you register for WIN 156, you are in the wine and cheese pairing course.

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