Wine and cheese are a classic pairing, but Seattle and cheese aren’t as well known of a couple. That is changing with the arrival of the American Cheese Society’s Cheese-a-topia. When the American Cheese Society first announced that this year’s festival would be in Seattle, more than a couple of people were trying to figure out the Seattle Cheese connection. In response, the organizers created this tongue in cheek video.

With its passion for artisan food and local products, Seattle is starts to make sense. Add in the natural connections between Washington beer, wine and cheese, then add in the great summer time tourist activities available in Seattle and you have a great place to celebrate cheese.

What is Cheese-a-topia?

cheeseCheese-a-topia is a huge celebration, an educational conference, a competition and retail opportunity all rolled into one! The core of Cheese-a-topia is the  multi-day conference. This conference is for cheese professionals and wanna-be cheese professionals. Conference sessions deal with diverse topics such as:

  • Beer and cheese pairing
  • Cheese making demonstrations
  • Distributing cheese
  • Marketing cheese
  • Product liability issues
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Small business planning
  • Wine and cheese pairing

The opening key note is Laurie Demeritt, COO and President of The Hartman Group. Michael Pollan, author and professor will be the closing keynote for the conference.

But there is more…

After Michael’s keynote there are the Cheese Awards and the Cheese Festival on Saturday.  Held at the Benaroya Hall, the Cheese Festival features all of the cheeses, tasty samples from the local Seattle restaurants and the opportunity to taste and pair with local craft beers and wines. The Cheese Festival is part of the core Cheese-a-topia conference, but the public can purchase tickets to just the Cheese Festival and Award ceremony for $85. That is the basics ticket but there is more…

Michael Pollan will be hosting a VIP cheese tasting at the Cheese Festival in the Founders’s room at Benaroya Hall. The VIPs will be tasting all of the best of category award winning cheeses with Michael. VIPs will also enjoy other delicious food and an open bar as they sample the best cheeses. Tickets to this VIP tasting are very exclusive and can only be purchased for $400 by contacting the VIP Guest Coordinator, Katie Crow, at (206) 322-1644 x38 or

Cheese-a-topia Public Cheese Sale

On Sunday, you can purchase chunks of great cheese for only $5. The public cheese sale will be held Sunday, August 29 from 11-2pm at the Palace Ballroom in downtown Seattle. Cash is preferred for this cash and carry opportunity for some truly exquisite cheese!

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